ParameterTypeDescriptionDefault value
create_attachmentsbooleanwhether to create instances of CreatureAttachment-linked archetypestrue

KDCarrier supports the KDCarried script by sending messages from the AI it is placed on to objects carried or worn by that AI. If the AI is killed or knocked out, this script will send the CarrierBrainDead message. If the AI is slain, it will also send the CarrierSlain message. If the AI is alerted, this script will send the CarrierAlerted message with the data set to the new alert level. Objects linked from this AI with Contains, CreatureAttachment, and ~DetailAttachement links will receive these messages.

If the create_attachments parameter is true, KDCarrier also allows CreatureAttachment links to be placed on archetypes. When an object is created whose archetype has KDCarrier, objects will automatically be created and attached according to any inherited CreatureAttachment links. They will also be created at Sim. An object will only be created if the specified joint is available (has no other objects linked to it), so a link in a child archetype may override one in a parent. (This is similar in effect to NVAttachMyObj, but does not require any special parameters or ScriptParams links.)

This script is part of the KDScript module. Copyright © 2012–2013 Kevin Daughtridge. See introduction for details.